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Premium Quality Festival Marquees & Stretch Tents With Countryside Events

Countryside Events are specialists in providing festival tent hire across the UK and beyond. We stock stretch tents and marquees for outdoor events and festivals, and other extras that you may require. Our fantastic tents are flexible and versatile, can be installed on any surface, and are an ideal solution for festival organisers in the UK. Available with custom branding and in various colours, these tents and marquees are ideal for festivals and similar events. Along with festivals, our stretch tents are a fantastic option for sporting events, private parties, corporate events, Christmas markets and more. We aim to cause minimal disruption whilst erecting our superior quality stretch tents, all whilst providing the coverage you need for stages, event areas, and merchants.

If your next event of festival needs coverage to protect performers, audience members, merchants, and event staff, contact the experts at Countryside Events. We have options for every size event, along with dance floor hire, lighting, flooring and more. Our festival tent hire is the a fantastic solution for festival organisers throughout the UK.

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Stages and Performance Areas

Our stretch tents are perfect for stage and performance areas. We know how the weather can be in the UK, with even summer festivals besieged by rain. Our tents give you a waterproof, weather-resistant venue without compromising on style. Whatever idea you have in mind, we've got options that surpass your expectations. From garden-themed festivals to comfort akin to the interior of your house, we've got everything you need. Performers travel with thousands of pounds of equipment, and our festival stretch tents mean you can protect this gear without compromising on the open-air feel. Microphones, instruments, equipment, and clothing are protected from wind, rain, and snow, so you can safely host festivals anytime. When you choose Countryside Events, you're not limited to what you can do - we help you host fantastic festivals as planned.

Market Stalls and Merchants

Besides helping performers stay dry, our tents can also be used for market stalls and merchants. If you have a merchandise stand, cafe, or bar that needs coverage, we have a cool, stylish option for festival organisers. Putting these stalls under cover means more customers can access them, potentially boosting your bottom line and supporting on-site merchants. With their unique and eye-catching shapes, stretch tents can make market stalls stand out in a crowded festival environment. Customisable in various colours and styles, they offer an excellent branding opportunity, allowing merchants to align the tent's appearance with their brand identity or product theme, increasing visibility and attracting more visitors. Their flexibility also means they can be adapted to different stall layouts and sizes, accommodating various merchant needs. Whether it's a small artisan stall or a larger food vendor setup, stretch tents create an inviting space that maximises the use of the available area, enhancing the shopping experience for festival-goers.

Expert Stretch Tent Hire

Our eye-catching tents are the perfect addition to festivals in the UK. Perfect for protecting performers’ instruments, pedalboards, amplifiers, and other equipment while giving weather coverage to the audience and staff. Our range of bespoke options means that large tents can be combined to offer maximum coverage, with smaller tents added to cover marketing areas alongside the main stage tent.

We’re experts in stretch tent hire, offering you and your guests a fantastic fabric covering. We provide everything you need, including the poles, canvas, rigging equipment, and extras such as bars, furniture, and lighting.

Serving Locations across the UK

At Countryside Events, we offer stretch tent and marquee hire to festivals across the UK, as well as sale services to customers.  Whether you’re hosting a local festival in a small field or a massive festival in the open air, we provide, erect, and manage tents to a high standard. Our goal is to create a fantastic atmosphere for you and your guests, and we have vast experience in providing these products for comparable events, including weddings, corporate events, and more.

With elements to suit every festival and options to increase comfort, including seating, extra standing room, and party equipment, we’re already the first choice for many in the UK. Choose a quality product with Countryside Events for your spring, summer, autumn, or winter festival.

Countryside Events is a Yorkshire based company, serving other areas across the UK including (but not limited to!) Scotland ~ Northumberland ~ Cumbria ~ Durham ~ Lancashire ~ Manchester ~ Cheshire ~ Derbyshire ~ Nottinghamshire ~ Lincolnshire ~ Shropshire ~ Staffordshire ~ Leicestershire ~ Herefordshire ~ Worcestershire -Norfolk ~ Cambridgeshire ~ Gloucestershire ~ Somerset ~ London

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Event Areas

You can also use stretch tents if you host event areas alongside performances, including kids’ clubs, chill-out zones, and similar areas. There are great benefits from using these stretch tents, with your audience protected from the elements. While this includes rain, snow, and wind, it can also include blocking harmful UV rays from the sun. These can greatly affect children and older people, so it’s worth having coverage.

If your next event needs coverage to protect performers, audience members, merchants, and event staff, contact the experts at Countryside Events. We have options for every event, including dance floor hire, lighting, and more. These tents are the perfect solution for festival organisers.


Are stretch tents waterproof and weather-resistant?

Yes, stretch tents are made from high-quality, waterproof materials designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and sun. However, extreme weather conditions should be assessed carefully.

Absolutely! Stretch tents offer considerable flexibility in design and can be customised with different colours, lighting, and layout configurations to fit any festival theme or aesthetic preference.

Safety is a priority for stretch tent manufacturers and providers. These tents are designed with high-quality materials and secure anchoring systems to ensure stability and safety for large gatherings when installed correctly.