Quality Stretch Tent and Marquee Hire

Stretch tent hire with Countryside Events

With a vast range of stretch tents and stretch marquees in our stock, Countryside Events has something to suit all manner of events including weddings, festivals, corporate events and private parties. We can rig our stretch tents on both grassed and hard-standing surfaces, along with attaching them to buildings, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to the site. We can also help with all sorts of other accompaniments for your event, including (but not limited to) event furniture, power, lighting, walkways, bars, dance floors and many other useful bits and bobs.

Simply get in touch with our friendly team for a bespoke quote and begin your stretch tent journey with Countryside Events.

a stretch tent with rustic cladding to create a ski lodge style space

Log Cabin Winter Stretch Tents

stretch tent interior with rustic wooden furniture

Pen-y-ghent 10x10m Stretch Tent

From £1320 (INC VAT)

Pen-y-ghent 10x20m Stretch Tent

From £2640 (INC VAT)
Large chino stretch tent or stretch marquee, festival or large wedding tent

Ingleborough 16x31m Stretch Tent

From £4160 (INC VAT)

Penhill 12x26m Stretch Marquee

From £2880 (INC VAT)
White stretch tent marquee with open sides amongst trees

Malham 18x18m Stretch Tent

From £3340 (INC VAT)
A white stretch marquee, pole tent style stretch tent in field

Rosebury 12x21m Stretch Marquee

From £2880 (INC VAT)
A large white stretch tent marquee with windows

Aysgarth 16x31m Stretch Marquee

From £4800 (INC VAT)
Large 15x20m chino stretch tent

Coverdale 15x20m Stretch Tent

From £3240 (INC VAT)
stretch tent in courtyard on spring day, set up with rustic dining furniture

Kingsdale 10x15m Stretch Tent

From £1710 (INC VAT)
Stretch tent with wedding ceremony underneath, outdoor wedding

Bishopdale 7.5x10m Stretch Tent

From £855 (INC VAT)
small stretch tent in garden party

Robin Hood 6x8m Stretch Tent

From £580 (INC VAT)
Black stretch tent for festival or corporate event

‘Whitby’ 10x20m Stretch Tent

From £2880 (INC VAT)
6x6m white stretch tent canopy at Ripley Castle

‘Wensleydale’ 6x6m Stretch Tent

From £500 (INC VAT)

Sizes to Suit All Events and Spaces

At Countryside Events, we have stretch tents in all sizes for customers. Starting at 6m x 8m and going up to 16m x 31m, there's a huge range of options when it comes to stretch tent hire. These tents are provided with other extras and accessories that you may need for your special occasion, including furniture, dance floors, bars, lighting, and catering tents. From simple fairy lights to entire displays, we take care of everything to give your event the boost it needs. When you fill out our form, you can select what you need from us.

Whatever the Weather

Our tents are designed to combat the great British weather. This means you can plan your next event or party with confidence that you and your guests will be safe, dry, and comfortable whatever the elements throw your way. Rain, snow, and hail are easily blocked by our tents, and the included wall panels ensure that even chilly winds are repelled. These tents and marquees are also a haven when it's hot, offering welcome shade to guests at summer weddings. These tents are made from the best materials, and this ensures they stand up to whatever task they're faced with. From spring rain and winter snow to harsh sunlight in the summer, Countryside Events' tents are the number one option.

Find Your Ideal Stretch Marquee

At Countryside Events, we’re proud to provide stretch tents and marquees to suit customers in the UK. With space designed for all events, we’re sure we have the best solution for whatever you’ve planned. We’ve got everything we need, from covering a bar at a wedding to an entire marquee and floor to protect guests from the weather and uneven surfaces.

Complete Stretch Tent Hire Solutions

All our stretch tents offer space, style, and comfort to outdoor events across the UK. These stretch marquees come with a floor to cover uneven ground, making them ideal for your special event. We work to transform any outdoor space into a covered tent. Whether you need a party tent or a stylish alternative for your corporate event, we have options for every customer. This flexible alternative to a building is a popular choice for UK businesses, and it can withstand most weather conditions. Find something that fits perfectly when you choose Countryside Events whether you choose to hire or buy.

Traditional Marquee Hire

Alongside our speciality of stretch tent hire, we also provide traditional marquee hire. With a choice of lined or unlined frame marquees, clear and opaque panels, we can create an elegant venue for your wedding or special occasion.

What Else Do I Need For My Stretch Tent Wedding/Event ?

Now that you have browsed through our selection of stretch tents, you might be asking yourself, “what else do I need for my event?”. Countryside Events can provide a number of handy furnishings and extras, to bring your stretch tent or marquee to life! Check out our Instagram for more event inspo. 


Can stretch tents be installed on any surface?

Yes, stretch tents are highly adaptable and can be installed on almost any surface including grass, sand, concrete, and decking. Proper anchoring and tensioning are key to ensuring the tent’s stability, regardless of the surface.

The setup and dismantling times vary depending on the size of the tent and the complexity of the installation. Generally, a stretch tent can be set up in a few hours and dismantled in less time. We’ll always provide an estimate when you choose to hire with us.

Yes, multiple stretch tents can be linked together to cover larger areas or create distinct zones within an event space. This is done seamlessly to ensure a cohesive look and feel.